Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, the Family & Friends of Hope Lutheran,

WORSHIP: Your Elders, Coordinating Council, and Pastor met and we are moving forward with public gathering for worship at the church!

Please note these three points:

1. Those are so inclined to stay at home, recorded services on our website or facebook page, as well as, the printed services/sermons will still be made available to you.

2. We begin gathering this coming Sunday, June 14 with seating for 24 (socially distant) in the Parish/Fellowship Hall  –  PLEASE REGISTER FOR WORSHIP ON OUR WEBSITE

3. The leadership is exploring facilitating outdoor worship, also, in the near future.

These are the Worship times: 

Sundays, 8 a.m. (MASKS REQUIRED)
10 a.m. (masks optional)
Thursdays, 4 p.m. (MASKS REQUIRED)
6:30 p.m. (masks optional)
Holy Communion will be offered on the first Sundays and Thursdays of the month.

We are using the parish/fellowship hall until proper ventilation can be installed in the chapel.

DEVOTIONS: The devotions will now be on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday basis, no Saturday, while also providing access (or hardcopies for those without online capabilities) to the WELS family designed devotions at https://wels.net/family-devotion


There are no upcoming events.

Pastor David P. Russow
Phone: (763) 421-8434

Hope. It’s more than just the name of a church.
Hope is what we have in Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Come Worship With Us!

It seems that our lives are consumed by commitments to work and family, deadlines and priorities, schedules and appointments. Is it any wonder that the more “filled up” our lives get, the more neglected and disoriented our souls become?

Fortunately, there is a remedy for hopeless souls. The Bible speaks of hope that is “an anchor for the soul, firm and secure”. That anchor-the gospel of Jesus Christ-removes guilt, restores hope, and gives new purpose to our lives.

It is refreshing to know that there is a place where you have the opportunity to come and restore your spirit with the Gospel and join others that have the need to realign their priorities with the help of God. Hope Lutheran Church offers that opportunity.